Motion Design Reel: a collection of After Effects and Cinema 4D animations I've made over the years for various clients/fun.

Previs Compositing Reel: created during my time at 321 Launch. 3D characters are provided to me by animators, then my job is to use After Effects to backplate and composite each shot. My goal in previs is to tell a story in the cleanest and clearest manner. To do this I use light, color, composition, and motion.

Powerade - The Road: a 2D animatic I animated at Launch. I worked with an illustrated and broke their PSD files into 2.5D planes then animated everything in AE.

Bank of America - Identity Theft: an infographic for BoA's Better Money Habits page. Compositions were provided to me as Illustrator art boards which I then broke the pieces into layers and imported into AE where I animated and transitioned between to the beat of the VO.

Manhattan Born - Champions: a C4D spot I modeled/animated/comped at Manhattan Born under my creative director.